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GRMS serves a global clientele of companies and organizations in many diverse industries ranging from mid-sized businesses to Fortune 50 companies.

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By systematically assessing current and potential suppliers based on a pre-defined set of risk components, clients can mitigate risk by identifying and correcting potential issues with their suppliers before it becomes an issue.


GRMS continuously monitors key risk components such as financial stability, adverse media, watch lists and insurance.


By outsourcing to an expert, clients save administrative costs and time trying to manage supplier onboarding and ongoing compliance.


Clients choose the risk components and the assessment criteria for their program which is then applied consistently to selected suppliers on a global basis.

Trusted Advisor

GRMS is proud to be the trusted advisor to many of the world’s leading companies helping them to reduce global supplier risk.

Veritas GlobalRMS

Our Platform

Our proprietary SaaS platform Veritas™ helps clients to highlight and mitigate supplier risk. Veritas can also integrate into most leading supplier management and ERP solutions via our REST API allowing clients to have all of their important supplier management information in one secure location.

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